Take Time to Reflect in
Magical Surroundings

Iconic Caminos Offers a Voyage of Discovery. An Immersion in Nature. A New Way of Seeing.

Join the Connemino Retreat and experience the wild and rugged landscape of Connemara like never before. 

Staying on the private grounds of the iconic Notre Dame Global Centre at Kylemore over 3 days, you will:

  • Explore the elements with trained wellness and resilience coaches
  • Connect with likeminded people
  • Indulge yourself with nourishing food, gentle hikes and amazing nature.
  • Have space to refresh and recharge


Connemino Wellness

3 Days

Spectacular gentle hikes, deeply relaxing and nourishing activities amidst the sprawling beauty of the Notre Dame Global Centre at Kylemore will help you reflect, reinvigorate and reset.


University of Notre Dame Global Centre at Kylemore

A venue with over 200 years of history, the University of Notre Dame Global Centre at Kylemore provides an ideal location for an immersive experience. From its incredible Victorian Walled Garden to its active Benedictine Monastery, Notre Dame Global Centre at Kylemore is the ideal space to take a step back from the hustle of everyday life.

Your Connemino Retreat will include:

  • Nourishing Food created by the Global Centre’s In-House Chef
  • Experience the beauty of the Victorian Walled Garden, Museum,  Benedictine Monastery and the Gothic Chapel
  • Enjoy the stunning lakes, trails, mountains and forest of the estate and surrounding area
  • Spectacular hikes from experienced guides and archeologists that bring the landscape to life
  • Wonderful private accommodation in the Residence of the Notre Dame Global Centre at Kylemore
  • Immersive & personal wellness activities facilitated by the Iconic Caminos Team
  • Fun, music and entertainment

Spend your weekend of restoration in the iconic Notre Dame Global Centre at Kylemore, where you will have access to the estate and its grounds.

Experience Iconic Caminos with your guide Alan Kerins.

No matter our circumstances, we all face challenges at some point in our lives. These challenges can be anything from physical and emotional, to spiritual, financial and beyond. Without the time and space to simply stop and think, we can end up on the wrong path, when the right one was in front of us all along.     

I set up the Iconic Caminos programme to provide a space for people to reconnect with themselves so that they may find and establish their path. Through guided workshops, and group wellness practices, I’m here to start you on your journey in one of the most iconic settings in Ireland. Facing the elements in a safe and judgement free space, we’ll work together to figure out what is next for you.  

Iconic Caminos asks you to invest in yourself by bringing you on a journey of self-discovery in nature. Why? Because you can’t face the future without first tackling the present.  


Experience the Connemara Camino


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